Four Qualities that Make You a Catch (and How to Make Sure You Have Them)

I’ve noticed something lately.

As a generation, we are really picky when it comes to dating. No one is ever good enough. We’ve heard the advice “don’t settle” our whole lives, but if we don’t settle somewhat then we’ll never have a relationship! People are not perfect, but it still seems reasonable that we’d be able to find a person who gets us excited enough to say “OK, this one is a catch. I think I’ll stick around and see where this goes.”

So where’s the line? How do we decide who to date without “settling”? Personally, I’ve narrowed it down to four simple characteristics I look for in a potential mate, and it’s worked well for me so far. Let me know what you think.

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10 Men Share what they REALLY Want for Valentine’s Day. #3 Is Very Interesting.

Compiled from answers on AskReddit. Enjoy!

1. “I would like Valentine’s Day to be abolished and replaced with a second Thanksgiving.” -mattythedog

2. “A blowjob. And a beer.” -I-amOnly-joking

3. “The roles to be reversed. Woman care about Valentines day more than men do most of the time. But if you want me to care about it as much you do, maybe you should make it as enjoyable for me as I do for you. If my SO would tell me, hey this Valentines day I make the plans, it’s on me, that would be the best gift. And it would make me want to give her something even better on another day (where she won’t be expecting it). Having to live up to these expectations drains all the romance the holiday is meant to have. I think it can be restored if she takes the initiative.” -oldie101

4. “Naked selfies sent randomly throughout the day” -tallmiller

5. “Just get to spend the day with her. No interruptions and no obligations just being with her is about as good as it can get.” -Wundt

6. “For people to stop acknowledging that stupid holiday.” -neocommenter

7. “I’m taking my girlfriend down to the aquarium and then out to dinner in the city. It’s our first valentine’s together I just want it to go as smoothly as I’m envisioning it.” -xSaiyan

8. “Sex -TheMadTbaggeR

9. Buy yourself some sexy lingerie and show it off to me” -Naweezy

10. “We really just want our SO to be happy. Valentines day is pretty much just a women’s day where men cater to their needs and treat them special. An honest truthful answer though. We just want valentines day to not exist. It’s stressful as hell and expensive.” -Okstate2039


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10 Counterintuitive Things a Woman Can Do to Make a Man Fall in Love

Today’s post is written by Sebastian of, a seduction and dating advice community for men. Today, Sebastian is taking a break from giving advice to men to share some awesome insights for women. He knows his stuff!

RomanceCouple-500What can a woman do to make a man fall in love? If you believe most Hollywood movies she just has to act a little bit stupid and giggle whenever the man of her dreams says something, even if he just said something that wasn’t funny at all.

Is that really what men want? Do we really fall for women who qualify themselves by giggling, smiling and acting as if their left cerebral hemisphere wouldn’t work properly?

I have once been on a date with a woman who tried to impress me with this kind of behavior and I honestly have to say that I wasn’t impressed at all. The truth is that we men fall for completely other things than what popular songs or movies try to convince us from.

We don’t want to date women who act stupider than they are and we don’t want to be together with women who don’t speak up because they are too afraid to offend us. It might be counter-intuitive, but we want the exact opposite. Let’s have a look at what we really want and what a woman can do to make a man fall in love.

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10 Guys Share the Real Reasons Why They Want to be in Relationships

Compiled from AskReddit. My own answer? I want to be in a relationship simply because it feels awesome to have someone to care about, to share feelings and support with, and to share your life with. Having a girlfriend provides companionship that no other relationship can match.

Girls are awesome, that’s why.

“Also, she supports and encourages you. Helps you if you get down. Makes you feel sexy. Makes you happy because she’s sexy. She’s pretty and fun to cuddle and kiss. You can be closer with her than family and friends. It’s a special bond, and you two get to take on the world together.

Being in a relationship gives life a lot of zest and fulfillment.”

Having someone else to share my life with.

It’s great to have someone to share all of life’s experiences with, both good and bad.

Sex. (Just being honest – you know it’s true)

Can’t argue with that.

Someone to listen to, someone to listen to me, a warm body to snuggle at night.

Sometimes you just need someone there to talk and snuggle.

Find someone I’m absolutely crazy about who is also crazy about me.

“Not being lonely just isn’t enough for me. If I am going to be with someone, we’d better be crazy for each other. Life is too short and divorce is too expensive.”

The best part of having a significant other is the companionship.

“Not the sex, not the laughs, not the cuddles. Those are all amazing, yes, and important in a relationship as well, but having someone who supports me and will listen to my stupid and insane plans and having someone who will help me better myself, that is what a relationship is all about for me. Everything else is just cherries on top.”

It’s an intense friendship (probably lifelong) with a person I admire (I chose them after all) plus sex.

“I also don’t find sex outside of a relationship very interesting or satisfying so that drive gets sublimated and makes relationships seem more desirable.”

I want a life partner really.

“It’s about having someone to share the joy’s and sadness of live with, I mean there is a good reason why there are 2 pilots on a passenger plane :)”

I want a best friend that I have sex with.

Well said, my friend.

Having someone to share my hobbies with.

It’s always better to enjoy your leisure activities with a companion.

Four Dating Rules for the Professional World


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Dating Rules for the Professional WorldAlright friends, we’re adults now. We’ve graduated college. We have full time jobs. We’ve made it. Life is different now, and the way we dated in college just doesn’t work anymore. Our free time outside of work is now at a premium, and having that time wasted by a potential romantic partner who doesn’t have their shit together is probably the most frustrating thing we face in our quest for romance. Here are four dating rules for the professional world that will save you from accidentally offending others.

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16 Embarrassingly Honest Questions Men And Women Are Afraid To Ask Each Other (With Answers!)

Date Advice Guy:

Great insights here!

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

A while back, TC Heartthrob Chris Hudspeth and I asked each other some honest questions about the opposite sex, and got some real answers. But we are still very curious and nosy, so we thought, why not revisit our conversation? Here, 16 more #real questions that we’ve always been a little shy to ask each other.

Chris:I’ve asked this before but I always get vague, foggy, brushed off answers and I’d like a definitive one. Why do women go to the bathroom as a united faction like some sort of potty party regime type deal? And does anything noteworthy tend to happen in those ladies room meetings?

Chelsea: We go to the bathroom together for three reasons, usually:

1. To talk shit about the people we are currently with and/or discuss whether or not we’re going to let the guy who is flirting with us hit it.
2. To…

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12 Honest Reasons Why Your Relationship Didn’t Work Out

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:


Have you ever ended a relationship that you thought was miserable only to have the other person look at you completely shocked? Maybe you were on the other end and, to you, everything seemed great, but it turns out your significant other was absolutely miserable. Here are 20 reasons why your relationship probably didn’t work out.

1. You Let Too Many Little Things Go

It’s the snowball effect where you’ve let little frustrations go for so long that one day he leaves an unwashed fork sitting on the sink and you flip the kitchen table over while screaming like a banshee. It’s not the fork, it’s months of little things that have led up to the emotional equivalent of a Papa Roach song.

2. You Never Want To Do Anything

Netflix dates are great, but it’s so frustrating to plan a big date for someone and their response be…

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