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Women, you are awesome.

I mean it.

Throughout my many years of trying to understand you and earn your attention (and failing), I’ve learned a few things. Contrary to the popular opinion of my fellow men, you really aren’t impossible to understand.

A deep, core need of yours is simply to be APPRECIATED for who you really are and for the work you do. You want to be appreciated for all the hard work you put into your image, your career, and your personal relationships.

Deep down, I believe that you’re all givers. You inherently want to help others. You all try really hard to do so, and it kills you when you put forth your best effort only to be met with someone who doesn’t appreciate you. I believe that whenever you do things that us guys might not appreciate (giving us the silent treatment for example), it’s actually coming from a place of passion and concern for the relationship. I believe that you all genuinely want the best for yourself and those around you, even if you don’t always show it or believe it yourself.

That inherent benevolence is one of the main reasons I so admire our fairer gender in today’s society.

You work hard, you want to be appreciated, and who is one of the most important people who you crave this appreciation from?

The man in your life.

You want a man who appreciates you and treats you how you deserve to be treated, who recognizes all of the hard work and dedication you offer to the relationship, and who fulfills you on every level.

And you don’t want this attention from just any man. You want a man who DESERVES your hard work and effort, and who has what it takes to earn your respect, your affection, and your love.

These days, unfortunately, men of this caliber are getting harder and harder to find. Us guys are seemingly so screwed up that it can feel hopeless to try to find the ideal man and build a relationship. And between all of your obligations and all of the effort it takes to meet a guy and figure out if he’s right for you, “handling” your love life is no simple task!

I certainly don’t claim to be a man of this caliber, though I always strive to be. I’m not the perfect man, but what I have done is pay attention and listen. Your cries are not going unheard.

My mission is to address the single women out there who are still looking for this man. Believe it or not, I believe that you all deserve to meet your perfect man who will finally treat you the way you’ve always dreamed of. He’s out there, no doubt, but for some reason you haven’t found him yet. Or perhaps you thought you found him, but things just didn’t happen to go your way.

You are awesome. I mean that. My mission is not to change who you are fundamentally, but rather to help you put yourself in the best position possible to find this man, and not only that – to attract him to you right away, win his attention and dedication, and to keep him around for the long run. I want to help you put the odds in your favor.

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