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Valid question.

I’d like to tell you that I have a doctorate in psychology, or that I have years of marriage counseling experience, or that I’m not simply a guy who’s fascinated by women (like all straight guys are), but the truth is, I am.

I’m just a guy going through the same journey to success in my career and personal relationships like any other guy. I went through the same processes of learning how to attract women that any other guy would go through. I’m a normal guy who understands normal guy things.

But there’s one very important distinction with me.

Throughout my journey, I developed a natural aptitude for COMMUNICATION and EMPATHY that most guys miss out on. I have always been able to put myself in someone else’s shoes and see things through his or her perspective, even if I don’t share his or her personal beliefs. While most guys would dismiss women as “women” when they don’t understand them, I always took things a step further: I asked “why?”

Why do women think the way they do? What motivates them? Why don’t women give answers when you ask them want they want to do on a first date? (interesting finds on that one) Why does such-and-such work with girl A but not with girl B?

If there were ever something I didn’t understand about women, I either asked a female friend (or sometimes a male friend who knew more than I), or looked it up. No question was ever too weird to investigate. With every girl I’ve dated, I always took special care to understand her feelings and what she found important (especially when the relationship failed). I always noted how she reacted to my own behavior, good and bad.

And of course, I go through the same thoughtful process with myself and my fellow men, which is why it’s also possible for me to determine why men behave the way they do in romantic situations.

I understand the nerdy, introverted guy. I understand the extraverted party guy. I understand guys who play “mind games.” I understand the player who leads you on with false promises. I understand why guys cheat. I understand what it means to be truly confident and what it means to be a gentleman. I understand why some guys feel it necessary to be a “jerk” in order to get women’s attention. I understand what men are looking for in relationships.

In fact, I have BEEN most of these guys at one point or another. I won’t tell you my whole life story (unless you’re actually interested), but in a nutshell it includes: awkward nerd, girl-crazy romantic, extraverted fraternity party guy, anti-girlfriend womanizer, dedicated boyfriend, young professional living in a big new city, ballroom dancer.

I have been all of those guys and more at different points in my life, and I understand them all.

So what makes me special? Nothing really. Like I said, I’m just a guy. But unlike most guys, I have paid attention. I know how to communicate my ideas and extract valuable lessons from my own experiences and the experiences of others.

Which brings me to you. My mission is to use my knowledge to help you find your dream man, get his attention, build a relationship, and maintain lifelong happiness. And I want to help you avoid wasting time to get there. You can do this, I can help.

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