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I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I wish it wasn’t a secret, but unfortunately I see women all the time who miss out on a single, important principle and end up with less confidence than they deserve.

What is that principle that so many miss out on?

When things don’t work out with a guy, it often has NOTHING to do with anything you did!

In fact, a large majority of the early success in a relationship is due to factors completely out of your control! Yes, you can beat yourself up when things fail after going well with a guy at first, but in reality you can definitely take a large part of the blame off of yourself and onto the guy and his situation. What a relief, eh?

Let me explain.

There are all kinds of men and all kinds of romantic/life situations that these men can be in. A lot of these situations, through no fault of your own, just don’t lend themselves to a favorable romantic situation. For example, some men are just looking for casual hookups and nothing serious. Some men are gay and don’t know it yet. Some are simply intimidated by women and terrified of talking to them. Some men are simply having a bad week, and if they happen to meet a potential mate that week, things surely won’t go well.

The unfortunate truth is that a large percentage of the guys you meet in your daily life just aren’t in the right situation for a new romance.

This is what I call the “luck-driven” part of a successful romantic life. Meeting a man who is in the right situation to start a new relationship depends in a large part on random chance. If you happen to get into a new relationship with a guy who (randomly) wasn’t in the right life situation to build a new relationship, it’s was simply bad luck (or perhaps some temporarily clouded judgement).

On a more positive note, a guy’s situation can change at any time. One month, a guy can be totally against the idea an exclusive girlfriend, the next, he can be in a dedicated, long-distance relationship. It all depends on his daily life, his current life situation, and of course the women he meets. Eventually, even the most dedicated single guy will meet a woman that he just can’t say no to.

So how can you increase your luck? Two strategic points: meet more men, and improve your ability to perceive his life situation and openness to a new relationship.

More articles to come!

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