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Women, like I always say, you are awesome. You can be amazing people and can do amazing things. But as much as I don’t like to discuss any negative traits, I must point out that you can also do some very silly things. There are several things you do that can turn men off. There are silly things you do that are counterproductive to a relationship. There are silly things you do that you might not even be aware of. There are even some silly things you do that you might think are good things!

(Yes, I’m aware that men, including myself, do very silly things as well. This is a team effort here.)

Allow me to point out a few. Hopefully you don’t exhibit any of these behaviors, but if so, take this as an opportunity to improve yourself and avoid slowing down your progress toward a happy romantic life.

1. Using your cell phone at inappropriate times

If you’re in a social situation where you might interact with a man you’re interested in, you should not be on your phone. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. If you use your phone in a social situation, it makes you look rude, antisocial, or just uninterested in the situation and people around you. None of those are qualities that will attract the men around you.

No, if we see you texting and smiling, it doesn’t make us think “Oh, she’s texting and smiling, she must have friends or a man who says nice things to her and makes her smile. She must be an awesome person.” It makes us wonder why you came to the party in the first place. If you’re a shy or awkward person and use your cell phone to feel more comfortable, you must break this habit immediately. The only way to overcome your shyness is to force yourself to interact with new people until you feel comfortable enough to do it naturally.

Immerse yourself in the situation, experience the fun around you. If you stay off your phone and have fun with the people around you, I promise that you, and they, will have a much better time.

If you’re actually on a date with a man, your phone should not leave your purse. Nowadays, many men actually consider this an instant deal-breaker. If you aren’t interested enough in us to stay off your phone for 45 minutes, we won’t waste our time with you.

Of course there are a few exceptions such as using your phone to give someone directions to the party or restaurant you are at, or pretending to be on the phone to discourage a creepy man from approaching you, but the bottom line is this: if it’s not a legitimate safety concern or if it isn’t something that adds value to the social situation, using your phone can wait!

Don’t miss out on life by constantly being on your phone.

2. Flirting with other guys to make us jealous

It’s hard to think of a quicker way to make yourself look immature. What are you hoping to accomplish here? Are you trying to make yourself look like more of a prize? Are you trying to make yourself look like you have lots of guys chasing you so that we’ll fight harder for your attention?

Unless the guy you’re trying this technique on has absolutely no standards or basic knowledge of human interaction, the best you can hope for by using this technique is a guy who will keep you around as a potential casual hook-up. No self-respecting man will continue to see you as “serious relationship material” after you exhibit such behavior.

3. Playing “hard to get” or telling us you aren’t interested when you really are interested

Us men are usually logical creatures. Unless the man of your attention is particularly savvy or unusually determined, he will likely take your “hard to get” play as a sign that you aren’t interested and move on to other options.

There’s a difference between being a challenge with high standards and playing “hard to get” simply for the sake of doing it.

A quality woman with standards for the men in her life is not afraid to let a man know that she is, or is not, interested in a man. She doesn’t waste time with such games.

If you want to spend more time getting to know a man, make yourself available to him. If you aren’t interested, politely let him know so you can both move on. Playing this kind of game is very counterproductive, and many men consider it a sign of immaturity and a huge turn off.

4. Being too drunk and obnoxious

Don’t get me wrong – partying and acting silly can be great fun, provided that you aren’t trying to present yourself as viable “serious relationship” material. If you’re not looking for something serious, party up!

But if you are, and you’re a person who tends to drink a bit too often, you definitely need to tone it down. Even if you do like to party a lot, let the man of your affection believe that it’s your comfort with him that allows you to loosen up a bit. And even then – don’t let yourself get so drunk that he ends up having to babysit you.

And please, don’t use getting drunk as an excuse to say something offensive or to confess any kind of deep feelings for us just so you can say “Oh, I was drunk – I didn’t really mean it.” Most guys can see right through that play. It makes you look insecure.

Bottom line – us guys want a lady who can have a few drinks and have a good time, yet still hold her liquor and behave like a lady in public. If we see her getting sloppy drunk too often, we usually put her in the “party girl – not relationship material” category.

Look out for the continuation of Silly Things that Women Do!

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