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So you want to know what to do for a man on his birthday. You want to do something nice for him that he will love, leaving him feeling awesome about you and thinking about you long after his birthday ends.

It’s not every day that a man actually gets treated to gifts or special outings, so you want to make sure that you make it count.

Good news. We really aren’t that hard to please. Most men are happy enough knowing that a woman appreciates us enough to even think of us on our birthday. But if you really want to stand out, I can show you a few great ways to do so. Whether it’s just a friend, a guy you’re casually dating, or an exclusive boyfriend, here are a few ideas for how to treat a man on his birthday.

First of all, relax! Like I said, we really are not very picky. The only men who are really picky about gifts aren’t men at all – they are boys. No worries. It really is the thought and the effort that makes the great impression on us.

Next, make sure you don’t over or under-do it. Match the effort of your gift with the amount of time you’ve known the guy. You don’t want to give a super-thoughtful gift to a guy you’ve only been on one date with. Likewise, you don’t want to give a $10 gift card to your boyfriend of six months.

There are two ways to go – a physical gift, or an experience. You can do either one, or both if you want to take it up a notch.

With a physical gift, the simplest thing to do is to take an interest or hobby of his and get him something related to that. If he likes fishing, get him some fishing equipment or a a top-selling book about fishing.If he likes board games,get him a new one you think he’ll like. Or you could go with something like clothes or cologne– a guy always appreciates a nice new pair of slacks, which has the added bonus of making him look good for you. It’s a win-win.

Experiences are a similar thing. If he’s into music, get him a ticket to see one of his favorite bands. If he’s a social guy, you can organize a social gathering and handle all the logistics of planning and inviting guests. And you can never go wrong with food – take him out for a steak. Or cook for him! He will love it.

Oh – and of course, there’s always doing something special for him in the bedroom. Get creative. Wear a costume or lingerie.Give him a strip tease. Do whatever sounds fun for him (and for you of course); he will definitely be on board for this.

Here are some real examples of gifts I have personally received (from women) and absolutely loved. Some are from girlfriends, some are from girls I was casually dating, some are from platonic female friends.

  • A pair of awesome sunglasses
  • Whiskey glasses with my initials engraved into them
  • A nice steak dinner (Seriously – you can’t go wrong with this)
  • An intimate, 30-minute massage (from her)
  • An expansion set to one of my favorite card games.
  • Khaki slacks
  • A sandwich from Jimmy John’s when I was hung over after the birthday party night
  • On that note – drinks at the bar
  • Or a bottle of fancy liquor
  • Nice cigars
  • A pair of nice boots
  • Lots of hugs and kisses on the cheek
  • Tickets to one of my favorite bands
  • Buddy of mine’s girlfriend took him skydiving – awesome idea if you’re the adventurous types!
  • Similarly – a reservation to drive expensive sport cars at a race track – wasn’t me but I would be thrilled!
  • On my 21st, a female friend organized an awesome house party for me. She did all the work – all I had to do was help build the guest list and then show up and enjoy the party. This was amazing. (Ok – I helped clean up the next day too, but you get the point)
  • And of course, don’t forget to simply tell him why he’s awesome and why you appreciate him. Either in person, via text, or via birthday card, take a moment to say something sweet.

One final tip – don’t be afraid to ask his friends for tips! If you want to get him something related to his love of golf, but don’t know anything about the sport, just ask! His friends will be happy to give you guidance. (I wouldn’t ask them about what he prefers in the bedroom, though.)

Take this advice, and he’ll love it. You will definitely make an awesome impression, and don’t be surprised if he puts extra thought into your gift when your birthday comes along!


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