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ImageFor this post, I must give thanks to two friends: my friend Taylor (follow her on Twitter @TaylorAsk) and my friend Kate at XO Sports In Stilettos. Kate shares a woman’s perspective on today’s sports at her blog. Be sure to check it out!

It’s the first week of October. We are well into Fall, and more importantly, we are well into Football Season. It’s no secret that us guys love football, and that we love girls who love football. For us, a Sunday doesn’t get much better than watching our team win while sharing some drinks with our friends and with an awesome lady.

Unfortunately, this can lead to an awkward situation: the guy you like is into football, and you aren’t. He invites you to watch the game, but you’re worried you’ll make a bad impression by not being into it or by looking silly.

No worries! We’re here to help. Here are some quick Do’s and Don’ts that will help you make a great impression at a game-watching event, even if you are completely dense to football. Take note, and you’ll be sure to have him and his friends saying “That girl is great. We need to have her around more often.”

Read on.


DO: Understand the basic rules.

  • There are two teams on the field. The team with the ball is trying to score by getting it into the end zone or through the goal posts. This is called “offense.” The other team is trying to stop them from doing so. This is called “defense.” If the first team scores or gets stopped for four plays in a row, the teams trade places and the other team has a chance to try and score.
  • If you’re a visual learner, here’s a handy flow chart that shows this process in more detail.

DO: Research the game and the team beforehand.

  • Espn.com will have a game preview that will give enough information to give you an idea of what will be going on for the next few hours. Know the basics. Who is the team’s quarterback? Did they win last week? Who is the favorite in the game?

DO: Pay attention to the game.

  • Who has the ball, what the score is, how much time is left, and other info is on the screen. Trust me, it’s amazing how fast you learn about the game when you’re actually paying attention. You might not even have to ask what that yellow flag is next time!

DO: Ask questions early in the game and during commercials.

  • If you don’t understand something, ask! Remember, us guys love teaching a girl something when she shows genuine interest. It makes us feel smart and impressive. Make sure you listen to the answer and ask for clarification if you don’t get it the first time. Also, try to avoid asking questions during the 4th quarter if it’s a close game. That is when things get tense and we don’t want to be distracted.

DO: If you’re already a fan of a team, support your team even if they are playing against your guy’s team.

  • We like it when you stand up for yourself, and playful competition is always a good thing. Just remember to be a good sport whether you’re winning or losing.

DO: Gauge the crowd reactions in group settings.

  • Celebrate when the group celebrates, look disappointed when they yell in anger. This is a handy trick to pull when you don’t know what’s going on and you’re a little shy to ask questions.

DO: Enjoy the delicious food and drink.

  • Football time is not a time to count calories. Grab a beer, eat some wings, and embrace life. Infinite bonus points if you provide some of the food. We like food.

DO: Chat with other people at the party.

  • If we invite you to a group game-watching event, be sure to chat up our friends a bit. Ask who their favorite player is and why, ask them about rules you don’t understand, things like that. This is a great way to learn more about the game and to show that you’re at ease around our friends. Definitely a good thing.

DON’T: Ignore your outfit

  • Look cute, and also show support for the team. A well-fit (read: girly) jersey with the team logo on it can be pretty cute. Or you could opt for a more feminine look with a team shirt or a v-neck in the teams colors. Makes you look more relaxed, and honestly – jerseys aren’t too flattering on girls. Here’s a great look:


DON’T: Criticize the sport.

  • Talking about how dumb or boring the game is is a sure way to not be invited back. How would you feel if we made fun of one of your favorite TV shows? Not good. Not good at all.

DON’T: Try too hard to show that you know about the sport.

  • If you do know a lot about the game, you can definitely show that, but don’t take it too far by constantly spitting out stats and facts. Being able to talk about the game is good, trying to “show off” your knowledge in order to impress the guys is not. Say your guy thinks JJ Watt is no good (which no sane person would ever say). Rattling off a bunch of stats is a lot less effective (and less flirty) than laughing and saying “Yea, I’m sure Colin Kaepernick is so glad to see him line up on the other side of the ball. Easy game.”

DON’T: Pretend to know about football if you really don’t

  • Trust me, we can see right through it, and it’s not attractive.

DON’T: Talk during the whole game or expect all of our attention.

  • Look, we do want to spend time with you. We wouldn’t have invited you otherwise. But we also want to watch the game for a reason. If we just wanted the highlights we could catch SportsCenter in the morning. Certainly don’t be invisible, but don’t plan on having deep, meaningful conversations over the next few hours either.

DON’T: Have your phone out the whole time.

  • Put it in your purse, enjoy the game. Use it for pictures only!

DON’T: Talk about how cute some player or coach is, or how much you like the uniforms.

  • We don’t care. Save it for your girlfriends.

Football is awesome. Learn how it works, support your team, and have a blast at your next party!

Cheers, and happy game watching.

– The Date Advice Guy

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