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Today’s post is sponsored by Finally Dance! Finally Dance offers private partner dance lessons to beginners in the Houston, TX area. Let them make you more awesome.

Dancing is awesome. I learned how to salsa dance at age 18, then I learned swing, then two-step, then all the other styles I could. I was instantly hooked and have been dancing ever since.

Aside from simply being a lot of fun and a great personal challenge, getting into partner dancing was one of the best things I ever did for my dating life. Let me share why.

Dancing Makes You Better Looking

  • Partner dancing is definitely a workout. You engage all of your major muscle groups and even tone muscles that you wouldn’t normally focus on in a more traditional workout. After three songs of lindy-hop swing dancing, you’ll definitely work up a sweat!
  • Dancing improves your posture. Your “frame” is very important in dancing, and dancing demands great posture which carries into your other habits. When you stand up straight, you are taller and have a much better shape.

Dancing Makes You More Confident

  • Dancing is definitely intimidating at first, but you’d be surprised how fast you can pick it up with some dedicated practice. You’ll never forget the feeling of your first full dance with no mistakes and some intricate variations. The challenge of learning this fun new skill will make you feel awesome about yourself.
  • Dancing teaches you how to be more decisive in your actions. When you’re in the middle of a dance, you are constantly making split-second decisions and there is no room for hesitation. You make a decision, you follow through with it.

Dancing Makes You More Interesting and Entertaining

  • If you caught last week’s post about making yourself more attractive in 2014, you know exactly what I’m getting at here. Knowing how to dance means that you have a very entertaining new skill, and people are into that.
  • If you get good enough to TEACH other people your dance moves, you’re instantly that much more interesting. Everyone loves to learn sexy new skills, and dancing is a perfect example. Increase your coolness factor!

Dancing Forces You to Meet LOTS of Men/Women!

  • When you’re learning how to dance, you will attend many group lessons and group practice sessions. These events typically have all participants rotate amongst each other, so you’ll usually meet every person in the room at least once. If you attend a couple of group events a week, you’ll easily meet dozens of new people every month! Some of them are bound to turn into dates if you are friendly and available.
  • When you’re a dancer and you’re out at a social event, you always have a fun activity to share with new people of the opposite sex. Asking for a dance (and being good at it) is a very low-pressure way to make a great first impression. And since your confidence has already been boosted so much, you’ll have no problem approaching new people!

I really can’t recommend dancing enough. It’s great for your body, mind, and social/dating life. Get to it! It’s easier than you think. Just gotta get yourself out there to that first lesson!


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