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A while back, TC Heartthrob Chris Hudspeth and I asked each other some honest questions about the opposite sex, and got some real answers. But we are still very curious and nosy, so we thought, why not revisit our conversation? Here, 16 more #real questions that we’ve always been a little shy to ask each other.

Chris:I’ve asked this before but I always get vague, foggy, brushed off answers and I’d like a definitive one. Why do women go to the bathroom as a united faction like some sort of potty party regime type deal? And does anything noteworthy tend to happen in those ladies room meetings?

Chelsea: We go to the bathroom together for three reasons, usually:

1. To talk shit about the people we are currently with and/or discuss whether or not we’re going to let the guy who is flirting with us hit it.
2. To…

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