Compiled from AskReddit. My own answer? I want to be in a relationship simply because it feels awesome to have someone to care about, to share feelings and support with, and to share your life with. Having a girlfriend provides companionship that no other relationship can match.

Girls are awesome, that’s why.

“Also, she supports and encourages you. Helps you if you get down. Makes you feel sexy. Makes you happy because she’s sexy. She’s pretty and fun to cuddle and kiss. You can be closer with her than family and friends. It’s a special bond, and you two get to take on the world together.

Being in a relationship gives life a lot of zest and fulfillment.”

Having someone else to share my life with.

It’s great to have someone to share all of life’s experiences with, both good and bad.

Sex. (Just being honest – you know it’s true)

Can’t argue with that.

Someone to listen to, someone to listen to me, a warm body to snuggle at night.

Sometimes you just need someone there to talk and snuggle.

Find someone I’m absolutely crazy about who is also crazy about me.

“Not being lonely just isn’t enough for me. If I am going to be with someone, we’d better be crazy for each other. Life is too short and divorce is too expensive.”

The best part of having a significant other is the companionship.

“Not the sex, not the laughs, not the cuddles. Those are all amazing, yes, and important in a relationship as well, but having someone who supports me and will listen to my stupid and insane plans and having someone who will help me better myself, that is what a relationship is all about for me. Everything else is just cherries on top.”

It’s an intense friendship (probably lifelong) with a person I admire (I chose them after all) plus sex.

“I also don’t find sex outside of a relationship very interesting or satisfying so that drive gets sublimated and makes relationships seem more desirable.”

I want a life partner really.

“It’s about having someone to share the joy’s and sadness of live with, I mean there is a good reason why there are 2 pilots on a passenger plane :)”

I want a best friend that I have sex with.

Well said, my friend.

Having someone to share my hobbies with.

It’s always better to enjoy your leisure activities with a companion.