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RomanceCouple-500What can a woman do to make a man fall in love? If you believe most Hollywood movies she just has to act a little bit stupid and giggle whenever the man of her dreams says something, even if he just said something that wasn’t funny at all.

Is that really what men want? Do we really fall for women who qualify themselves by giggling, smiling and acting as if their left cerebral hemisphere wouldn’t work properly?

I have once been on a date with a woman who tried to impress me with this kind of behavior and I honestly have to say that I wasn’t impressed at all. The truth is that we men fall for completely other things than what popular songs or movies try to convince us from.

We don’t want to date women who act stupider than they are and we don’t want to be together with women who don’t speak up because they are too afraid to offend us. It might be counter-intuitive, but we want the exact opposite. Let’s have a look at what we really want and what a woman can do to make a man fall in love.

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  1. Reveal Your Nerdy Side

From a young age women are conditioned that they can attract men by being the dumb blond cheerleader in high school movies. Of course they also learn that the fastest way to scare a man away is to be the nerdy girl with the big glasses and the good grades. Even if a woman has a nerdy side, she probably won’t reveal it, because she is scared that the man she is dating will be turned off by it.

This is a huge mistake!

If you are a nerdy girl you should show the guy you are dating that you are a nerd. People are always attracted to other people who are similar to them and I can promise you that nearly every guy is a little bit nerdy, even if he doesn’t admit it.

My girlfriend has a fable for astronomy and at the beginning of our relationship she always held herself back when she started to talk about the galaxy and different planets, because she was scared to bore me. The truth is that the more she talked about it, the more I fell for her.

  1. Be Reserved

Every man is attracted to women who are professional pole dancers and who lick their fingers while they talk to them, right? Not really. I am by far not the only guy who isn’t really attracted to girls who do everything to get the attention of a man.

I know from a lot of conversations with men that the majority of guys fall in love with the girls who act reserved and a little bit shy. In a club we might stare at the girl who dances like a freak on the pole but we fall in love with the one who stands quietly in the corner.

  1. Represent Your Own Opinion

I don’t really know why but I have the feeling that a lot of girls tend to hide their own opinion, because they are afraid that disagreeing with a man they want to end up in a relationship with, would be a mistake.

Well, that’s not true. Of course men don’t want a girlfriend who disagrees for the sake of disagreeing. Nevertheless, we want to have conversations with women that are not entirely unilateral. When a woman has the courage to disagree with me, I automatically assume that she has a high self-esteem. This is an extremely attractive characteristic.

  1. Make Him Feel Special

Everybody talks about how important it is to make a woman feel special but nobody mentions that women are not the only human beings on this planet who want to have the feeling that they are special.

Sometimes all you have to do to make a man fall in love with you is to make him feel special. Tell him how much you appreciate certain characteristics of him and make clear why you decided to go on a date with him and not with the other guys who approached you. This will make him fall faster for you than you might think.

  1. Be Financially Independent

I know that there is the stereotype of the sugar daddy who is looking for a physically attractive girl who has dollar signs instead of hearts in her eyes. I recently talked to a female friend of mine who has a lot of money about the assumption that all men look for women who earn less than they earn. She was scared that her financial independence could scare men away.

I then told her that the only guys who are scared of dating a financially independent woman are the ones with a low self-esteem and inferiority complexes. Every confident guy would be happy to date a girl who is financially independent. When men can be sure that they date a girl who is interested in them and not their money, they will fall in love with her a lot faster.

  1. Pay on the Date

We are living in the 21st century. Most women are financially independent, have good jobs and don’t need a man to pay for them. However, a lot of women still think that the man has to be the one who pays on the dates.

I have to be honest with you. When I am on a date with a woman and she expects me to pay for her drink, I don’t see this as fulfilling my traditional role as a man. This expectation only communicates to me that she didn’t go on a date with me because she wanted to get to know me, but because she wanted to get some free wining and dining.

I talked with a lot of guys about this topic and nearly all of them said that a girl who pays for her own stuff shows that she is really interested in them. The next time you are on a date with a guy you might want to show him that he is the only reason why you are on a date with him by paying for your coffee.

  1. Show that You Like Children

I don’t want to become a father, at least not in the next couple of years. Nevertheless, I always smile when I see how my girlfriend behaves around children. A woman who likes children communicates to me that she is empathic and that she has a caring attitude. Those characteristics are important for most men.

Unfortunately, it seems like some women pretend to not like children, because they are afraid that they scare away a guy when they even mention the word “children”. This is not true at all. A guy might be scared when the only topic you talk about on the first date is having children, but he will fall for you pretty fast when he sees that you have a caring attitude.

  1. Be Careful With the Makeup

The best way to make a man fall in love with you is by looking like a Barbie doll, right? Well, there might be some men who are attracted to that but I am definitely not one of them. You won’t make a man fall in love with you when he gets a heart attack when he sees you without makeup on the morning after.

When the guy you are dating sees that you are naturally beautiful and that you don’t wear a lot of makeup, he will conclude two things. On the one hand, he won’t wonder all the time how you might look without makeup, which can be really calming. On the other hand, he will conclude that you must have a higher self-esteem that the girls who wear three layers of makeup.

  1. Switch off Your Smartphone

From countless conversations I know that I am not the only one who is annoyed by the increasing smartphone addiction among women. I once left the table because the girl I was on a date with couldn’t stop looking at her smartphone.

You won’t make a man fall in love with you by checking your Facebook status every two seconds, but you will make him fall in love with you by concentrating on him and on the conversation. Switch of your phone and get to know him.

  1. Show Your Intelligence

In the same way as some women hide their nerdy side, they also hide their intelligence, because they believe that every man wants a bottle blond bimbo who can’t think for herself. Well, that’s not true at all.

Every man who wants to have a conversation instead of a staring contest on the first date prefers intelligent women. I don’t know any guy who can imagine a relationship with a girl he can’t even have a regular conversation with. If a guy can’t imagine a relationship with a girl, he won’t fall in love with her.

Give the guy you are dating a chance to fall in love with you by showing him that you are an intelligent woman.