Compiled from answers on AskReddit. Enjoy!

1. “I would like Valentine’s Day to be abolished and replaced with a second Thanksgiving.” -mattythedog

2. “A blowjob. And a beer.” -I-amOnly-joking

3. “The roles to be reversed. Woman care about Valentines day more than men do most of the time. But if you want me to care about it as much you do, maybe you should make it as enjoyable for me as I do for you. If my SO would tell me, hey this Valentines day I make the plans, it’s on me, that would be the best gift. And it would make me want to give her something even better on another day (where she won’t be expecting it). Having to live up to these expectations drains all the romance the holiday is meant to have. I think it can be restored if she takes the initiative.” -oldie101

4. “Naked selfies sent randomly throughout the day” -tallmiller

5. “Just get to spend the day with her. No interruptions and no obligations just being with her is about as good as it can get.” -Wundt

6. “For people to stop acknowledging that stupid holiday.” -neocommenter

7. “I’m taking my girlfriend down to the aquarium and then out to dinner in the city. It’s our first valentine’s together I just want it to go as smoothly as I’m envisioning it.” -xSaiyan

8. “Sex -TheMadTbaggeR

9. Buy yourself some sexy lingerie and show it off to me” -Naweezy

10. “We really just want our SO to be happy. Valentines day is pretty much just a women’s day where men cater to their needs and treat them special. An honest truthful answer though. We just want valentines day to not exist. It’s stressful as hell and expensive.” -Okstate2039


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