Today’s post is written by Sebastian of, a seduction and dating advice community for men. Today, Sebastian is taking a break from giving advice to men to share some awesome insights for women. He knows his stuff!

20121103-annoying-man-460I absolutely love women. Even though I believe that true happiness comes from within, you can’t doubt that you feel more alive when you spend your life with an amazing woman.

Women give us the feeling to be needed and to be loved, but there are some things about them that drive us insane. I hate to say it but there are some things that men don’t like about women.

There are things that have the power to turn off every man within seconds. In the following paragraphs I want to share those things with you. Some of them sound logical, others offending, but they are all true.

  1. Being Married to Your Smartphone

It is no problem that you have Facebook. An Instagram account is also okay. Twitter? Go for it. Snapchat? That’s also okay. You can have all those applications on your smartphone but as soon as you spend more time uploading pictures on Instagram than on talking to your partner, your relationship is doomed to fail.

I have talked with a lot of my male friends about smartphone addiction among women and we all agreed on one thing: It is freaking annoying. In the end it is your decision if your boyfriend or your Twitter followers are more important to you.

  1. Being Materialistic

Another big turn off for men is when the girl of their dreams is extremely materialistic. We have absolutely nothing against a girl who buys a nice dress because she likes it, but if a girl only defines herself through materialistic possession, we lose our interest very fast.

On the one hand, this shows that she has a very low self-confidence and that she needs a lot of external validation to feel happy. On the other hand, this puts a lot of men under pressure to earn enough money, in order to satisfy her materialistic needs and expectations.

  1. Gossiping

A person who needs to gossip to feel validation has not only serious self-esteem issues, but he or she is at the same time very narrow-minded. The only thing that gossiping proves is that your life is so boring that you have to talk about the life of other people to feel good.

Sorry, but that’s anything but attractive. In addition to that, no man really cares about how many celebrities broke up last week. We really don’t care.

  1. Emotional Aloofness

There is this assumption in our society that all men are jerks who only want sex and that all women want love. Well, the truth is that men fall in love faster and that there are also women who suffer from emotional aloofness.

If a man likes you, the fastest way to get rid of him is to pretend that you have no feelings. Why do you do that? You are afraid to commit and you don’t want to get hurt. Get over that fear and enjoy his companionship and his love.

  1. A Lot of Past Sexual Partners

I know that we are living in the 21st century and I know that women have the right to have as many sexual partners as they want, but I simply can’t deny the fact that women with a lot of sexual partners are a big turnoff for a lot of men.

I encourage women to live out their sexual fantasies and I don’t judge them for it. Nevertheless, you simply can’t doubt that the majority of men will look at you differently when you tell them that you had only one sexual partner, than when you tell them that you slept with over twenty guys.

I know that I probably offend you with this statement but it is the truth.

  1. Body Hair

I recently read in an article that there is a trend among women to color their armpit hair. You can do with your body whatever you want but don’t expect men to hit on you when you start growing your armpit hair and stop shaving your legs.

It is a simple fact of life that we men are attracted to women who have very little body hair. You can deny it as much as you want, but less body hair is a sign of more femininity and that’s what most men are attracted to.

  1. Jealousy

Most men have female friends and most men don’t even think about having sex with them. The last thing we want is to have a debate, whenever we want to meet a friend who happens to be a woman.

Jealousy has nothing to do with love. Being jealous shows that you are afraid to lose us and fear can never be a positive emotion. How to get rid of a man in one day? Look through his phone and his e-mails because the jealousy is driving you crazy.

He will leave you as soon as he finds out.

  1. Arrogance

Men love self-confident women. We absolutely love it when a woman has a confident walk and when she doesn’t say things like “I can’t take compliments”. However, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance.

What we don’t want is a woman who thinks that she is better than anyone else, just because she was born with a pretty face. Arrogance is a very ugly characteristic, no matter how beautiful you are.

  1. Being Obsessed With Your Beauty

Every man is attracted to beautiful women, but no man really wants a girlfriend who is obsessed with her beauty. We absolutely love it when a woman wears a nice dress and when she wants to look beautiful, but we are turned off by women who start to cry whenever they have a bad hair day.

I have a friend who was dating a girl who never allowed him to see her without makeup, because she was obsessed with looking perfect all the time. I think I don’t have to tell you that this relationship didn’t last long.

  1. Creating Drama

You don’t have to agree with your boyfriend on everything. It is totally fine to have a different opinion than him, but do yourself a favor and don’t become one of those girls who are constantly trying to create drama.

Those drama queens are a big turnoff. In case you really need drama in your life you should think about why you need it. I am pretty sure that your boyfriend doesn’t need it and also doesn’t want it.