Thanks a ton. You’re a genius and now you’re going to have to deal with my questions all the time :)

– Jessica, North Carolina

Your answers are superior! I think you just crawled into my mind … I didn’t even know how to phrase what I was asking.

– Marisa, Texas

When I first came across and read ‘Date Advice Guy’ I was and had been in a transitional state, or so I led myself to believe, but really wondered “why am I here for so long now and where am I headed”, in terms of my love life.  I had every other aspect of my life as, if not better than I had always dreamed it would be. I saw friend after friend, person after person, get engaged and I started to think up reason after reason why it was everyone else but me finding that special someone. So, I read the articles for some hope, some answers and seeking for any advice that could possibly help. The advice written just hit the spot and I felt like the author really understood me and my situation, as many other women felt, as I came to find out and realized I was not alone.

It taught me to be my confident, sexy, fun self again – the woman hiding behind the mask of fear and desperation, unbeknownst to me at the time. I learned to just relax and have fun with whomever I was with and to stop thinking if this new guy could “be the one”. Lo and behold, looking back and laughing, I found my Mr. Right, thanks to my friend and author of the so true, and understanding blogs of “Date Advice Guy’.

– Christy, Texas


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